Sleeping at daycare

Sleeping at daycare

One thing is immediately clear: Safety comes first for Patricia Nijtmans - owner of a small day care center for nineteen years. "I shouldn't think about something happening to a baby. That's really my worst nightmare." Safe sleeping for Patricia means sleeping on your back, with no pillows and no loose things in bed. Patricia has seen a lot of babies and every baby is nders. "But for all babies, if they slept well, everything else goes well, too." said Patricia.

"A baby who has slept well eats well afterwards, is awake for a while to play and then can go back to sleep well. A baby who has not slept well does not eat as well and by the time he needs to go back to sleep he is hungry again."

So sleeping well is really the foundation. According to Patricia, a baby has slept well when he has slept for at least an hour. Does he wake up earlier? "Then I try to calm him down and let him sleep for a while longer. Often this succeeds." "When a baby comes to me he is usually around three months old. There really is a difference between babies, but a lot of babies don't sleep well in the beginning." according to Patricia. "The transition to daycare is big anyway and everything is different here." Patricia advises parents to already work with a rhythm at home, get the baby used to (background) noises and let him sleep in his own bed. "Parents also sometimes ask me if I can let their baby sleep in the baby carrier, but that's really not safe. I also have to take care of other babies and lift them, for example. That's not safe with a baby in the baby carrier."

PIKO® helps

The PIKO makes the transition to daycare smaller, according to Patricia. "A baby very quickly recognizes his own sleeping place. We use the PIKO here and I see that a baby really gets comfortable in it. If the PIKO is also used at home, it is very recognizable for a baby." Patricia recommends that parents use the PIKO as much as possible. "The PIKO is super light and you can easily take it with you. So take it with you to daycare, but also to grandparents or on vacation." So far, Patricia has had good experiences with the PIKO.

"The baby who sleeps in it now usually sleeps for over two hours in the PIKO and then wakes up happy. I personally find it very convenient that I can use the PIKO anywhere. So not only in the crib, but also in the playpen, for example. This way I can stay closer to the other children and don't have to go back and forth all the time. And for the baby it remains the same sleeping place."

"It would be really nice if soon all parents use the PIKO. Then every baby will always have their own crib and the transition to daycare will really be less." dreams Patricia. Do you want your child to sleep well at daycare too? Then use the PIKO:

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