Looking to improve your baby's sleep in just 3 weeks?

PIKO provides a dependable sleeping spot for your baby, ensuring he can sleep well while you go about your day with ease.

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Developed by Francien Mels - certified sleep coach.

Low-stimulus CAP

It offers a restful environment with minimal external distractions.


Use the PIKO app for a logbook, guidance, manual, and POD settings.

Nominated for the
Baby Innovation Award 2023
Light and sound: PIKO POD
Play familiar music or sound and turn on a light with the PIKO POD.

"As a parent, I can say that the PIKO device has undeniably made a remarkable difference. It has provided me with the ability to calm my baby to sleep. So I can also sleep again during the night."

Recommended by parents

sleep at home
during the day

Your baby can sleep comfortably in the PIKO while at home. It fits perfectly in its own cradle or co-sleeper.

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Wherever you are

Is made from
durable materials

The durable (FSC®) brichwood frame is simple to handle and carry.

"Babies need predictable 
routines to develop well."

Bregje Raap van Sleuwen
Expert on safety about PIKO

Recommended by experts


Originally Dutch product

The PIKO has been validated according to safety requirements
NEN-EN1130:2019 and NEN-EN 16890.
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Sleep in the

If the weather is pleasant, it's a good idea to step outside. With the PIKO, you can allow your little one to nap in the fresh air.

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Can I see my baby clearly with the PIKO?

PIKO works in open and closed position. The open position allows you to see your baby clearly, even with a camera in use.

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Frequently asked question

PIKO mattress

This accessory is specifically made for the PIKO. You can easily place an order for it.

PIKO helps

Would you like your baby to have a restful sleep and wake up feeling happy?

Check out the PIKO

Sleep in the

If the weather is pleasant, it's a good idea to step outside. With the PIKO, you can allow your little one to nap in the fresh air.

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My baby won't nap.

Establishing a good sleep routine is crucial for your baby's well-being. It helps with brain development, growth, and better sleep. Check out our informative blog for tips on establishing healthy sleep habits.

My baby is overtired

As a parent, it can be quite vexing when your baby becomes overtired. Shorter naps, decreased appetite, frequent crying, and difficulty falling asleep can all exacerbate the situation. If you're seeking ways to break free from this cycle, please take a look at our informative blog post.

Try white noise to improve your baby's sleep.

White noise can be helpful in promoting restful sleep for babies. Here's how to use it effectively.

Let's strive for rest and establish a sense of rhythm and routine.

This method may seem outdated, but it has proven to be highly effective! While disrupted sleep is an unavoidable part of the process, as your child requires nourishment to grow, most infants can go without food for around six hours by three months old and eight hours by six months old. The challenge lies in balancing the demands of parenthood, including work, social obligations, and travel, with your busy daily routine. Fortunately, we've developed PIKO to provide structure, consistency, and calm amidst the chaos of modern life.