At home or on the go, your baby will sleep faster and longer with the PIKO.

Because from science it is known: always the same, quiet environment and the same sound as a bedtime routine are recognizable to your baby. And that's what makes babies sleep well.

PIKO. The smart sleep cocoon

The PIKO's patented design and smart technology help your baby fall asleep more easily. The dark mesh fabric blurs outlines and attenuates light by 90%, creating an irritant-free sleeping spot. At home and on the go. The PIKO® Dream Box with cry detection automatically plays lullabies and white noise lullabies that you set via the app.

The fabric is transparent and breathable, so you can always see your baby. Even when the cocoon is closed.


The Smart Sleep Cocoon mutes light and blurs outlines for your baby

Dream box with cry detection, lullabies and night light

App with logbook, sleep coach and manual

Ideal for use as a carrycot

Sleep baby sleep.... ♬

The PIKO® Dream Box with cry detection automatically plays lullabies that you can set via the app. So your little one sleeps faster and longer with white noise, wind noise, lullabies or mom's voice. Includes handy night light with dimmer and timer.


Moms about PIKO and getting your baby to sleep easier.

Wondering how others experience the PIKO? We asked them.

"I went to sleep next to it on the bed"

Charlotte, mother of two

"Wherever I am, my little son can sleep anywhere"

Loraly, mother of two

"A very nice place for security and sleep routine."

Juliette, mother of a baby son

Easier to get your baby to sleep in a busy life?

Rest, regularity and rhythm are crucial. That's why I came up with the PIKO: always the same, sleep-inducing place and sleep rhythms help your child sleep better.

Francien Mels
Mother of four, certified sleep coach, TU Eindhoven, ex-Philips and inventor/founder PIKO


A familiar sleeping spot for the little dreamer

The PIKO sleeper guarantees you the best, natural sleep rhythm for your baby, wherever you are: in the crib, in the playpen, on a bed, soft surface, at grandpa/grandma's, on a visit or on holiday. Because babies sleep in an average of five places a week, while rest, regularity and rhythm are just so important. PIKO always offers your baby the same, low-stimulus environment and the same sound as bedtime ritual. And that helps your child sleep faster and better. 


Sleep is important for your baby

Sleep helps with physical growth, brain growth and immune system function. Sleep stimulates babies' emotional development and behavior. In addition to progress for your baby, restful sleep also contributes to the well-being of parents

"A baby who has slept well eats well afterwards, is awake for a while to play and then can go back to sleep well. A baby who has not slept well does not eat as well and by the time he needs to go back to sleep he is hungry again."

Patricia Nijtmans - Owner small-scale daycare center

"Safety at 1 in product development."

Mieke Cotterink - Researcher SafetyNL

"Predictability is important for a baby."

Bregje Raap van Sleuwen - Scientist on safe sleep and excessive crying

"Rest and regularity are important. That may sound old-fashioned, but it's really very important for a baby."

Ingrid Schipperheijn - Maternity care