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The PIKO is a sleeping cocoon for your baby that ensures that your baby has a nice sleep rhythm. You can use the PIKO anywhere (in bed, in the crib, in the playpen, at grandpa/grandma's house, on holiday), so that your baby has a permanent place to sleep, so that habits become established and your baby falls asleep easily. The PIKO has the following parts:

  • The PIKO CAP (sleeping cocoon), reduces light by 95% and creates a calm and secure sleeping space for your baby to improve their sleep quality.
  • The PIKO POD emits a familiar soothing sound that helps babies feel safe and sleep soundly. Additionally, the sound automatically activates when the baby cries, helping him sleep longer.
  • With the PIKO App, parents can keep track of their baby's sleep patterns and receive practical advice to help establish a suitable routine. This way, you can gain valuable insight and ensure your baby gets the rest they need.
Created in collaboration with industry professionals.

Our solution is the result of our expertise combined with the insights of industry experts. We are confident that it will provide the assistance you need.

Parents highly recommend

Parents experience their child falling asleep more easily with the PIKO and sleeping longer.

Making the investment is worthwhile because...

The period of having a baby is a unique and fleeting time. As the saying goes, you cannot relive it. Therefore, it's important to give yourself the opportunity to try out the PIKO and see if it can work for you too.


Width: 40 cm
Length: 74-95 cm (adjustable)
Height: 45 cm
Color: wood (birch) | taupe (dark gray)

Would you like to try it first?

You can definitely give the PIKO a try for three weeks. If you are not satisfied with it, you can return it and receive a refund of the purchase amount. Please make sure to read the conditions for the try & buy service before proceeding.


The Cap provides a secure sleeping environment for your little one.

Your baby can feel more comfortable and relaxed with our product, as it creates a familiar environment that helps them fall asleep easily. Our air-permeable mesh, which features small holes, provides a low-stimulus atmosphere while allowing you to see your little one. You have the option to open or close the Cap based on your preference, while still maintaining a low-stimulus and familiar atmosphere for your baby. On busier days or when your baby is more restless, we recommend closing the Cap to minimize outside distractions.

Additionally, the Cap serves as protection against mosquitoes and other pests during the summer season, which is a nice bonus.


It is safe to use the PIKO without supervision.

To ensure your baby's safety and stability while using the PIKO, simply utilize the provided sheet and fasten it securely underneath. This will prevent any sliding and provide a comfortable surface for your little one to rest on.

Two sizes in one

The PIKO grows as your baby does.

Ensure that your baby always sleeps in a cozy and secure environment by opting for a sleeping space that is not too spacious. If your baby outgrows the smallest size, converting it to a larger size is a breeze.

The PIKO comes in different sizes, with the smallest being 74 cm in length and perfect for a crib or co-sleeper. The largest size is 96 cm and can accommodate your child up to one year old, but we caution against using it once your child can sit up unaided.

We suggest using the smallest size until it no longer fits your baby comfortably. Since the PIKO is portable, transitioning from one crib to another is easier.

Tapering down

The PIKO creates a solid foundation for your baby's sleeping needs.

Your child will enjoy the comfort of the PIKO for years to come thanks to its sturdy sleeping base and easy dismantling. To ensure their safety as they become more mobile and start pulling up, it's important to gradually taper off the use of the PIKO during a quiet period while maintaining their bedtime ritual. You can start by keeping the PIKO open and then move on to daytime naps without it. If everything goes well, gradually reduce the use of PIKO until it is no longer needed. 


The PIKO POD emits a gentle light and a comforting sound.

Using a dimmed light as a flashlight can be a practical solution for night-time visibility without disturbing. It can also serve as a soothing night light and complement a bedtime routine, perhaps with familiar background sounds like white noise. Additionally, this sound can be programmed to activate when your baby cries, potentially allowing for more uninterrupted sleep.

Customize the POD according to your preferences by using the PIKO App:

We suggest selecting one sound for bedtime and another for when your baby is restless. Once you have chosen these sounds, we recommend avoiding any further changes. Consistency is key in creating a familiar environment for your baby, and this can only be achieved by playing the same sounds repeatedly.

The light and sound will automatically turn off after a set duration, which can be customized independently for each. The time range for both options is between 15 seconds and 12 hours.

You have the freedom to choose the sound that suits you best from a variety of pre-selected options, including white, brown, and pink noise, which are known to have a positive impact on your baby's sleep.

You can also record sounds yourself. The mother's voice is a good example, because this feels very familiar to your baby.

Has your baby grown out of the Cap? Then you can continue to use the POD as a night light with sound by placing it on a bedside table.

PIKO app

The PIKO App comprises of four components:

Logbook, Tailored Advice, PIKO Manual and POD Settings





You can keep track of your child's sleeping schedule in a log. The POD alerts you when your little one cries, and this information is also recorded in the log. Maintaining a logbook helps you understand your baby's sleeping habits. Are they getting enough sleep per day? If so, they will be more well-rested. If their naps last more than 45 minutes, they have completed a full sleep cycle and will be (reasonably) refreshed after the nap. If your child is awake for longer than the recommended time, they may struggle to fall asleep and/or sleep for shorter periods. By paying attention to these details, you can determine what is working and what needs improvement. This allows you to make adjustments for a better routine for both you and your baby.





The advice provided explains how to establish a good rhythm and sleep patterns according to age. It also includes sample rhythms for different age groups. If there are any issues causing discomfort or irritability, such as colic or reflux, we provide guidance on how to address them.




PIKO manual

You can access the PIKO manual digitally through both the website and the App. Additionally, there are helpful videos available that demonstrate how to set up, adjust, and travel with your PIKO. This eco-friendly solution eliminates the need for physical manuals and ensures you always have the information readily available.


POD settings

POD settings

POD settings

Customize your POD settings through the PIKO App. You can adjust the duration of the automatic light and sound shut-off independently, ranging from 15 seconds to 12 hours. Select from pre-set sounds, including white noise, which are carefully chosen to promote better sleep for your baby. You also have the option to record your own sounds, such as the mother's voice, which can create a comforting and familiar environment for your little one.


The mattress is tailored to the PIKO and can be ordered as an accessory.

If you frequently use the PIKO in locations where there is no designated sleeping area, such as a crib, this mattress can be incredibly beneficial. Constructed with cold foam and an open cell structure, it offers excellent ventilation, durability, moisture regulation, and comfort. Furthermore, it is compatible with both the small and large sizes of the PIKO and adheres to the NEN-EN 16890 safety standard.


When you purchase the PIKO, you also receive a matching bag.

Would the PIKO and sheets fit in the bag along with a separate room for the POD? If you're planning to purchase a mattress, this bag also accommodates it. Moreover, there's ample space for storing clothes, diapers, and other essentials, making it a versatile diaper bag.

Ensuring sustainability is a top priority for us.

As parents, we all desire a world that is habitable for our children when they become adults. Therefore, we prioritize utilizing sustainable materials and ensuring our production process is as localized as possible.

Durable materials

The PIKO CAP's wooden frame is crafted from birch wood in Estonia using raw materials that are environmentally friendly with an FSC® label. The glue used is formaldehyde-free. Additionally, the cap's mesh is made from recycled materials, while the sheets and mattress cover are crafted from organic cotton. Instead of a printed manual, you can easily access it through our website or app. Our approach is both convenient and eco-friendly.

Local production

Our focus is on local production, minimizing transportation costs by optimizing logistics. To achieve this, we have strategically located our manufacturing facilities. Electronics are produced in Someren, mattresses in Helmond, and sewing in Ede. Assembling and conducting quality tests on the PIKO is done in-house at our Nijmegen facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! You've come to the right place for answers to the most frequently asked questions about PIKO.

Is it possible for me to rent the PIKO as well?

Certainly, the option to rent the PIKO is available. You can easily arrange for it through the following means: Tinylibrary of Borntorent. If your child is a bit older, renting will be a more cost-effective option.

How can I phase out the PIKO?

Once your child can sit independently and start pulling up, it's recommended to gradually stop using the PIKO, usually around 9-10 months. However, you can still use the PIKO POD if needed. The PIKO App provides guidance on the proper way to transition away from the PIKO.

It is observed that infants easily adapt to the reduction as they have already established a strong sleeping foundation with the help of PIKO.

What will I receive upon purchasing the PIKO?

The purchase of PIKO provides a comprehensive package that aids in establishing a suitable routine for both you and your baby. The package includes:

- PIKO CAP (adjustable in two sizes)

- PIKO sheets (two sizes)


- PIKO App

- PIKO bag

- PIKO mattress (optional)

Can you suggest places for PIKO use?

The PIKO can be utilized as a safe sleeping option for your baby in various places. It can be placed in a cradle, playpen, cot, on a mattress, and even in a large bed, as long as proper safety guidelines are followed.

Is it possible to have a clear view of my baby using the PIKO?

There are two ways to use the PIKO - open or closed. When using the PIKO open, you have a clear view of your baby. However, if you opt for the closed mode, you can still see your baby with your own eyes but the camera view may not be as good.

Whether you choose to use it open or closed, rest assured that this sleeping environment is safe and low-stimulus for your baby.

It is advisable to use the PIKO in a closed state to keep mosquitoes or other pests away. We suggest closing the PIKO even if your baby is tired from a long day or if your baby is fussy.

When can I start using the PIKO?

The PIKO can be used from birth and it's recommended to start using it as early as possible. This will provide your baby with a low-stimulus and secure sleeping environment, helping them get used to their own familiar sleeping environment right away.

What is the duration for which I can use the PIKO?

It is possible to modify the length of the PIKO to suit your needs, and it can be used for a maximum of 12 months. However, as a precaution, we suggest discontinuing use of the PIKO when your baby is capable of sitting up unassisted, generally at around 9-10 months of age.

Is it safe to use the PIKO?

Absolutely! The PIKO can be safely used without constant supervision, unlike travel cots, baby nests, or sleepyheads which require supervision for safe usage.

If you place a sheet at the bottom of the PIKO, your baby won't be able to make any noise underneath it. However, if you put the PIKO over your baby without a sheet, such as when your baby falls asleep in the playpen, it's important to monitor the situation.

The PIKO meets the safety requirements of NEN-EN 1130: 2019 and was developed together with SafetyNL .

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