Our story

Life is all about rhythm, and PIKO helps people discover their own unique beat. Whether it's the circle of life or simply finding your groove, rhythm is what keeps us going.

For better health, happier days and better nights.

Create a calm sleeping environment with minimal stimulation, no matter where you are.

Discover the wonderful benefits of using the PIKO, a cleverly designed tool that helps you and your baby find a comfortable and familiar sleeping environment even when you're outdoors. With PIKO, you can finally achieve rest, rhythm, and routine in your busy life. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to well-deserved rest.

PIKO assists young families in finding peace, rhythm, and routine by offering innovative sleep products and sharing helpful information about healthy sleeping habits.

Francien Mels, the founder, has extensive experience in product development and is also a mother of four. She is a proficient sleep coach, adding to her expertise in the field.

Francien is an expert in creating products that are safe, user-friendly, and sustainable. As a mother of four, she understands the importance of getting a good night's sleep. When everyone in the family is well-rested, everything just seems to go more smoothly. Sleep has always been a top priority for Francien, and she has had great success in ensuring that all of her children slept through the night by the end of her maternity leave. In addition to being a dedicated mother, Francien is a certified dream rhythm coach who helps parents who are struggling with their baby's sleeping habits. She specializes in working with infants up to one year old, paying close attention to the developmental changes that occur during this crucial time.

We prioritize sustainable entrepreneurship as we strive to leave a livable world for generations to come.

That is why the PIKO® is made of sustainable materials. The PIKO® FRAME is made from birch wood in Estonia. All raw materials for this are obtained from environmentally friendly sources with an FSC® label and the glue used is free of formaldehyde. The PIKO® CAP is made of recycled material and the sheets and mattress cover are made of organic cotton.

We try to produce everything as locally as possible and to limit the overhead in transport by organizing logistics efficiently. You will also not see the manual printed with us, but you can find it on the website. Just as convenient and just as friendly to the climate.

We also pay attention to sustainability during our daily activities: employees are encouraged to come to work by bicycle or public transport, we separate our waste, we no longer print, if at all, and our building is energy-efficient.