In practice

You can use PIKO wherever you are

A fixed sleeping place is important for your baby. More important than you might think. Your baby is a creature of habit and benefits greatly from predictability. If he has the same place to sleep every time, he knows what's coming. This way habits wear in more easily, he can fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Sleep at home during the day

At home, your baby can sleep comfortably in the PIKO. For example, in its own cradle or co-sleeper: the PIKO fits in there. Has your little one ever fallen asleep in the playpen? Then place the PIKO over him, so that he can continue sleeping in his own sleeping environment. In this way, the playpen can also be a place to sleep for your baby. Ideal if you find it difficult to walk up the stairs yourself due to pelvic instability or a caesarean section. When your child grows, the PIKO will grow with your child. Is it time to go to sleep in the crib? With the PIKO, the transition from cradle to cot becomes less significant.

Sleep at home at night

At night your baby can also sleep in his own bassinet, co-sleeper or crib with the PIKO. Is he very restless or do you like to sleep together in your own bed? This can also be done safely with the PIKO. Because with the use of the PIKO, co-sleeping becomes safe: you can now not roll over on your baby and blankets or duvets will not lie on your baby (if it comes, perhaps a reference to an interview with If you are going to sleep together, make sure that the PIKO cannot slide off the bed: so place it between you or on a side where it cannot fall off. Also pay attention to any gaps between mattresses, because you do not want your child to lie in them. In this case, use the mattress that belongs to the PIKO and place it over the gap.

Sleeping in bed with mom and dad

Most parents know that it is not safe to co-sleep with their baby. Yet it often happens that parents become overtired by the broken nights and, out of sheer desperation, let their child sleep in the big bed with them. That is why it is good to know that you can also sleep together safely with the PIKO. Please note: if there is a gap between the mattresses, it is important to sleep together with the PIKO and the accompanying mattress - so that your little one cannot sink his head into the gap. See also the article by SecurityNL about this.

Sleep on vacation

Are you going on holiday or a weekend away? Then of course you take the PIKO with you in the PIKO bag! This way your baby has his own familiar place to sleep on holiday. Check in advance whether there is a suitable bed or mattress for your child to lie on. Isn't this the case? Then use the PIKO mattress. Because babies are creatures of habit, it is important to keep to their own rhythm here too. You also keep the sleeping ritual the same as at home. That way your baby is comfortable and you can enjoy your nice holiday!

Sleeping on a visit

Are you going to visit friends or family and will your child sleep there? Bring the PIKO here too! Ask in advance if they have a place/mattress where he can lie on and, if necessary, bring your own PIKO mattress. Be careful when you put the PIKO on their bed, for example. The mattress must be firm enough and the PIKO must not be able to slide off it. If your little one has his own sleeping place with the PIKO, he will be able to sleep better. So visiting is really fun for you!

Sleeping at the shelter

When your child goes to daycare, a lot changes. Both for you and for your baby. And that has an impact. It's no fun to say, but a recent study found that the incidence of SIDS is highest around the time a baby enters daycare. This may have to do with the fact that your baby becomes so exhausted that he then falls into a very deep sleep from which he cannot get out and thus dies (source: Bregje Raap van Sleuwen ). Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but it will be your own child. The PIKO helps to make the transition to childcare as short as possible. With the PIKO, your baby has the same sleeping place at the nursery as at home. Also discuss with the daycare what rhythm your baby has and try to keep it as good as possible. That way your little one can also sleep well at the daycare. Does your reception have any questions about using the PIKO? Then take a look at the interview with Patricia Nijtmans (owner of the shelter) and Bregje Raap van Sleuwen (safety expert). If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: francien@piko .

Sleep in the open air

Nice weather? Then it's great to go outside. You can let your baby sleep in the open air with the PIKO. The PIKO protects your child against vermin and mosquitoes. Make sure that you do not place the PIKO in direct sunlight and also provide a good surface or your own PIKO mattress. This way your little one can sleep in the open air in his familiar PIKO!

When do you use the PIKO?

If you buy or rent the PIKO, it is therefore important that you use it as much as possible - wherever you are. With the PIKO bag you can also easily take the PIKO with you wherever you go. That way your little one has the same safe place to sleep everywhere. Do you want to know more about sleeping well and how the PIKO can help you with this? Then follow our masterclass for free.