Dream rhythm

Francien Mels is the driving force behind PIKO and dream rhythm coach.

Francine Mels
Dream Rhythm Coach

A safe, familiar sleeping environment is an important aspect within the dream rhythm method.

The PIKO and Dream Rhythm therefore complement each other well. In the PIKO APP you can find extensive advice based on the dream rhythm method.

In addition, we will help you - even without the PIKO - with the free fact sheets or master class.

Would you prefer personal advice? Then it is possible to book a personal consultation. You can contact Francien for this.

Responsive, loving approach

Is your child very restless? Is it difficult to get a rhythm? You can work on this in a loving, responsive way. The Dream Rhythm method is an overarching view of sleeping, within which every approach can be followed. But… responsiveness, attachment and workability are paramount.

Proven effective

The DreamRhythm method has been around for more than ten years. This method looks at everything that can influence sleep: physical, soft and sleep-technical factors. This holistic approach makes it possible to find a nice rhythm. Thousands of babies have found their way to dreamland this way.

Recommended by healthcare professionals

Many health care providers work with it and recommend it. Dream rhythm is a unique Dutch method, not 'invented' but originated from practice and based on research. Continuously fine-tuned by parents and caregivers.


Sleeping guide (in Dutch) to let your baby sleep well

  • Comprehensive information on how sleeping works (so you understand exactly what to do and what not to do)
  • Including examples and tips (practical advice that you can apply immediately )
  • Based on the dream rhythm method ( proven effective: it really works!)
  • Especially for newborns (so that you can give your baby a good start that he will enjoy for a long time)
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Mother Nora (7 weeks)

We received a dream rhythm consultation for our 7-week-old daughter, because we think rest and regularity are important, but didn't know how to handle this. It is an extensive and clear step-by-step plan, full of practical tips and meaningful background information. The plan is precisely tailored to our situation and therefore very useful.

Father Ike (6 months)

The Dream Rhythm Coach report has given us very useful tools to get started with our little one's disturbed sleeping and eating rhythm. The report has given us a good picture of where we are now, where we want to go and, certainly not unimportantly, how we should get there. Thanks Francine!

Mother Lotte (10 weeks)

Francien's advice has opened our eyes. Useful tools that could be used immediately, with positive results!

Mother Josie (8 months)

Francien wrote a sleep consultation based on an extensive intake form. There were several small problems with us and Francien wrote and explained them one by one. All pieces have been included in the final step-by-step plan. Because all steps were explained individually, it also became clear why these steps had to be followed. I liked this very much. Furthermore, the sleep consultation is a loving step-by-step plan for the baby, very nice and very important in my eyes. Where sleeping used to be a struggle all day long, our little girl sleeps super well during the day and also goes to bed peacefully at night. So we have already made great strides!”