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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! You've come to the right place for answers to the most frequently asked questions about PIKO.

Can I also rent the PIKO?

Yes, you can also rent the PIKO! This can be done via Tinylibrary or Borntorent . Especially if your child is a bit older, it will be cheaper if you rent.

How can I phase out the PIKO?

When your child starts to pull up and can sit independently, it is time to phase out the use of the PIKO. This is usually around 9-10 months. Of course you can continue to use the PIKO POD. The best way to finish the PIKO is explained in the PIKO App.

We see that babies have little difficulty with the reduction, because they have established a good sleeping base with the PIKO.

What do I get when I buy the PIKO?

When you buy the PIKO, you get a complete package that helps you find a nice rhythm for you and your baby. This package consists of:

- PIKO CAP (adjustable in two sizes)

- PIKO sheets (two sizes)


- PIKO App

- PIKO bag

- PIKO mattress (optional)

Can you suggest places for PIKO use?

The PIKO can be utilized as a safe sleeping option for your baby in various places. It can be placed in a cradle, playpen, cot, on a mattress, and even in a large bed, as long as proper safety guidelines are followed.

Is it possible to have a clear view of my baby using the PIKO?

There are two ways to use the PIKO - open or closed. When using the PIKO open, you have a clear view of your baby. However, if you opt for the closed mode, you can still see your baby with your own eyes but the camera view may not be as good.

Whether you choose to use it open or closed, rest assured that this sleeping environment is safe and low-stimulus for your baby.

It is advisable to use the PIKO in a closed state to keep mosquitoes or other pests away. We suggest closing the PIKO even if your baby is tired from a long day or if your baby is fussy.

From when can I use the PIKO?

You can use the PIKO from birth. We recommend starting this as early as possible, so that your baby immediately has a low-stimulus and secure sleeping environment and gets used to his own familiar sleeping environment.

Until when can I use the PIKO?

You can adjust the length of the PIKO and use it for up to 12 months. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that you stop using the PIKO when your baby can sit up independently. This is usually around 9-10 months.

Is it safe to use the PIKO?

Absolutely! The PIKO can be safely used without constant supervision, unlike travel cots, baby nests, or sleepyheads which require supervision for safe usage.

If you place a sheet at the bottom of the PIKO, your baby won't be able to make any noise underneath it. However, if you put the PIKO over your baby without a sheet, such as when your baby falls asleep in the playpen, it's important to monitor the situation.

The PIKO meets the safety requirements of NEN-EN 1130: 2019 and was developed together with SafetyNL .